Documentation consultant with 20 years of experience planning, designing, and writing print and online documentation:
  • Areas of expertise include information and graphic design, writing for highly-technical readers such as software developers and system administrators, and documenting Java, XML, and C++ APIs.
  • Proven track record managing projects from concept through production.
  • Accustomed to taking the initiative and remaining flexible in a fast-paced environment.
Tools and Technologies
Publishing FrameMaker, Acrobat, AuthorIT, WebWorks Publisher, Doxygen, Word, Camtasia Studio
Graphics Illustrator, Photoshop, Visio, SnagIt
Platforms Windows, Mac OS, Unix (AIX, Solaris), Linux
Languages Java, C++, C, Javascript, HTML, XML
Documentation Consultant
8/08 to 1/09
Produced a screencast introduction to MOTODEV Studio (an Eclipse-based IDE), documented WebUI internationalization and localization support, and converted FrameMaker-based developer documentation to DITA.
Sony Computer Entertainment
Documentation Consultant
4/07 to present
Documented C and C++ APIs for the Playstation Tools and Technologies group.
Documentation Consultant
3/07 to 12/07
Developed an AuthorIT based documentation solution and wrote installation, administration, and end user documentation for Compassoft's enterprise spreadsheet control software.
Nuance Communications
Documentation Consultant
2/00 to 11/07 (intermittent)
Wrote administration and integration documentation for the Nuance Dialer Application. Wrote the Nuance Platform Integrator's Guide and an advanced programming tutorial for Nuance SpeechObjects, a high-level Java framework for developing speech recognition applications.
Documentation Consultant
11/05 to 10/06
Created wiki-based developer documentation for the JotSpot platform, including reference information for the JotLib APIs, code examples, and a series of programming tutorials. Wrote wiki-based user documentation for JotSpot 2.8.
Documentation Consultant
6/05 to 9/05, 1/06 to 6/06
Produced a QuickStart guide for the Mirapoint M50 Message Server. Documented deployment scenarios for Mirapoint appliances and wrote knowledge-base articles about backing up the Mirapoint data store using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.
Documentation Consultant
9/05 to 10/05
Documented the ebrary eXtend XML APIs for integrating ebrary electronic document services with partner websites.
Documentation Consultant
12/03 to 6/05
Produced a documentation set for the TimesTen Transact real-time transaction processing system, including a Java and C++ developerís guide and Doxygen-based C++ API reference.
Documentation Consultant
7/01 to 11/03
Developed user guides, HTML-based context-sensitive help, and training materials for Zaplet's dynamic collaboration system. Documented Zaplet Building Block and Web Services APIs.
VerticalNet Solutions
Documentation Consultant
7/00 to 8/01
Wrote API documentation for Java and XML APIs. Produced user guides for the Ontology Builder and Taxonomy Builder and contributed to the UI design. Developed marketing materials and web pages for multiple products.
Sun Microsystems
Documentation Consultant
12/96 to 4/00
Authored the Java Media Framework API Guide and the first editions of the Java 2D and Java Sound tutorials. Edited Java Platform Performance: Strategies and Tactics.
Coyote Point Systems
Documentation Consultant
10/97 to 6/03
Produced the installation and administration guide for the Equalizer load-balancing router. Contributed to the UI and website design and designed tradeshow graphics.
Documentation Consultant
Developed the documentation suite for the first release of Ilog Vision, an object-oriented C++ library for developing 3D applications.
Documentation Consultant
1/96 to 8/98
Designed and wrote online help for end-users in both HTML and Windows help formats. Worked with a small team to design the web-based Digital ID enrollment interface and the Digital ID Center website. Edited and wrote technical white papers.
Senior Technical Writer
10/92 to 1/96
Led team of writers producing developer documentation for CommonPoint. Helped define the online information architecture for developer documentation. Created the CommonPoint Time Media and Timing Services C++ API documentation. Wrote Building Object-Oriented Frameworks, a Taligent white paper.
Associate Information Developer
5/89 to 10/92
Led design efforts for the help system and print documentation for a distributed storage-management product. Designed, wrote, and edited online help for storage administrators in the OS/2, VM, and MVS environments.
Versatest (Hewlett-Packard)
Documentation Consultant
2/89 to 6/95
Developed the documentation suite for an IC test system and the associated test programming language. Responsible for planning, writing, illustrating, and final production.
University of Washington B.S., Scientific and Technical Communication
UC Santa Cruz, Extension Course work in Graphic Design and Production